4. – 14. september 2008


As from 2008, the Festival artistic directorship will be held by Richard Tognetti, an exceptional violinist, composer and the charismatic director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, referred to in numerous publications as the best chamber orchestra in the world. Under Tognetti’s directorship the Festival will preserve its own production and the programmes and ensembles created specifically for the Festival. However, it will also obtain new dimensions and a new name – the Maribor Festival. The festival programme will be complemented and upgraded in accordance with the guidelines and expectations of the European Capital of Culture 2012 project. The first festival under Tognetti’s artistic directorship comprises about 30 concerts to be held within morning matinees - mostly classical music recitals, afternoon concerts, including also more popular instruments untypical for classical music (e.g. ethnic musical instruments: Australian didgeridoo or Egyptian oud and percussions…) and genres (e.g. cabaret, jazz, tango, Roma musical heritage…)  and evening concerts, bringing alongside the jewels of the classical musical literature (Beethoven’s Symphony No 5, major vocal and instrumental pieces…) the interactive projects (e.g. linking music and visual arts, particularly the »Luminous« project with the world famous photographer Bill Henson). We can already mention some of participants now: the Camerata Salzburg chamber orchestra will be the residential orchestra, Christian Lindberg, a trombone player of world repute, SWE Brass, the great Swedish brass quintet, Dejan Lazić, a pianist, Torleif Thedèen a violoncellist, Paul Capsis, the exceptional Australian cabaret artist or leading artists on ethnic musical instruments: William Barton – didgeridoo, James & Joseph Tawadros: oud and Egyptian percussions.